Monday, January 2, 2012

Witty phrase about New Year's Resolutions

Oh Heyyy, Blog.

Sooooooooo, as promised I have been a terrible blogger. I know it's been forever. Will you ever forgive me? I hope so. Now I will grace you with a terribly written blog post because my skills are really rusty and I don't have a lot of time to edit this tonight.

It's a new year and of course all of us are working on our resolutions/goals/ideal body weight, etc. and I am no exception. This year, though, I really think I'm going to make it. My goal(s) come in the form of a fitness challenge that lasts 12 weeks. Yes, 3 months. But aren't New Year's resolutions supposed to be for the whole year? Maybe, but I'm only worrying about the first 3 months. The rest of the year? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I started said "fitness challenge" today and it's nice and organized with a nifty spreadsheet that my darling friend, Jessica, sent me. (Yes, it's measurable, which all good goals should be.) So today I started doing things like exercising 30 minutes a day (I actually did 50) and reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon a day (for your spiritual fitness) and not doing things like eating dessert or eating anything after 7:30. And I have to say I really think I can do this. Of course one of the extra goals this week is to write in your journal/or blog. Yes! I am only writing tonight out of duty. To, in fact, get a point in a contest. Did I mention it's a contest? I am sending (I swear I'm going to get to a post office box tomorrow, Jess) a $20 check in the hopes that I can it back along with everyone else's $20. But as a friend mentioned, you win even if you don't come in first place and that is what I'm counting on. Losing a pound a week is nice, but I am most excited at the prospect of having better habits.

Why am I telling you all this? A few reasons: for one, it's on my mind a lot because I have all these new rules I have to remember. Secondly, this is my blog and I can talk about whatever I want on here, right? But most importantly, now that I've told you all, I am even more accountable. And that's a good thing . . . I think.


  1. I'll take this, even if you did it to earn a point. Good luck with your plan!
    I made my own FB profile so I need to add you. Watch for me, friend...

  2. I'm darling? Why thank you. Nice post (I still need to do mine. :) Now can you keep posting please? I miss you.