Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The ridiculous things I do with my "spare" time

Tonight I decided that it was time I updated this thing for a few reasons. The first reason is that I never told you how the fitness challenge ended up. Well, I got 2nd place. If my brothers were here they would remind me that 2nd place is the first loser. But I am going to stay on the positive side and point out that I lost about 10 pounds and that's not bad. The tricky part is keeping it off now that I have not been making working out a priority . . . oops! But I'm actually doing ok. I haven't gained much back. Life is super hectic this week, b
ut I admit that I have been craving Zumba, so that is a good sign. I just wish I would crave Zumba as often as I crave sweets.

The second reason I feel I should update is the very same reason this week is so busy. I am planning a theme party. And if you know me, then you know that nothing gets me excited like a theme party - especially a theme party that involves costumes.

"What, pray tell, is the theme for this amazing theme party?" you ask. Get ready . . . it's a . . .


Now you can't tell me you're not completely excited/jealous that I'm hosting a Downton Dinner party. I mean, the show is so enchanting. I love the characters, but I admit that possibly my favorite part is just watching it for the home and the period clothing. (Though I also just love hearing the language and the rules of manners, etc) I guess that makes me materialistic. I hate to think I'm materialistic, so let's just say that I enjoy it as a visual feast. The style, the textures, the colors, and lines. It's just so elegant.

Speaking of elegant, my mom bought a camelback couch from Ethan Allen that had been there for years for about $200 and had it recovered. I got to help pick out the fabric ($15/yd! from a discount fabric place) while I was visiting home.

Here is the before pic:

The original fabric was pretty hideous. But here is the "after" pic:

Mom was smart to switch from three separate cushions to one long one. It is so much more sleek. Also, isn't that fabric great? You can't really appreciate the color with this picture, but the pattern is what I like to refer to as "Downton sexy". It's officially a new adjective, didn't you know? Anyway, I love it. I wish it were here so I could have it at my party.

Now for a quick teaser about the party before I head to bed - I will be serving hors d'oeuvres as well as a five course meal (ok, so it's more like 4 1/2, but if you're ok with ice cream being a separate course from dessert, then we'll say 5 and call it good). Truth be told, I was originally a little nervous about making all this food (I don't exactly cook all that often), until I realized I could do one entire course in the crockpot and another one the day before. Then I calmed down. I can do this. I better be able to do this. My cooking skillz will be on display and I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, if you know what I mean (You don't know what I mean, do you? It's ok. I gotta keep some of my personal life personal, right?) Anyway, I will post the menu and pictures after the party so you can all be jealous of my over-the-top tendencies that subsequently lead to parties where, though I may lose some hair (nbd, though because have you seen how thick my hair is?) and a whole lot of sleep while planning, the details allow you to live in a different time if even just for a little while.

Ok, goodnight!